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Roll line Skate parts and accessories
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Roll line Locking allen screw for toe stop Roll line wheel spacers kit Roll line 7 mm axle locknuts silver
Roll-line Spacer
Our Price: $9.00
Roll-Line Toe Stop Locking Allen Screws
The Roll line Toe stop locking allen screws
need to be use with a 5mm Allen Wrench only
to not strip
Do Not use a 3/16 US wrench
Price is for 1 Unit
Roll-Line Wheel Spacers
The Roll Line wheels Spacers
are aluminum made
9 mm center boar , will work for
7mm o 8mm axles

The Roll line spacer come in
pack of 8

Spacers should always be use in your wheels
between the 2 bearings.

Roll-Line 7mm Axle Locknuts Silver
The Roll Line 7 mm Axle locknuts
Come in Pck of 8
Color: Silver
Roll line 7 mm axle locknuts gold Roll line Cushions Matrix Urethane for roller Skate plate Roll line Cushions Rubber for roller Skate plate
Roll-line Cushions Matrix
Our Price: $24.00
Roll-line Cushions Rubber
Our Price: $28.00
Roll-Line 7mm Axle Locknuts GOLD
The Roll Line 7 mm Axle locknuts
Come in Pck of 8
Color: Gold (brass plated)
Roll-Line Cushions Sets Matrix
Urethane Elastomer Suspensions
4 large Cushions

Price is for 1/2 set
Roll-Line Cushions Sets (Rubber)
The Roll Line cushion Rubber Elastomer Suspensions
come in 2 shapes
4 Upper Large Suspensions
4 Lower Small Suspensions

Green = Flexible
Brown = Medium
Yellow = Hard

Can be order in full set or 1/2
Roll line Cushions urethane for roller Skate plate
Roll-Line Cushions Sets (Urethane)
Urethane Elastomer Suspensions
Will in Large and Small Cushions

4 Upper for large Suspensions
4 Lower for Small Suspensions

Available in Full or 1/2 Sets