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sure grip titan 59mm and 62mm roller skate wheel Sure grip zoom wheels for roller skating Sure grip twister roller skate wheel
Titan Wheels from Sure grip
The new Titan wheels offer a new
urethane formula to give the skater a
better control
The Titan feature a Lighter Hub than other
sure grip indoor wheels
Titan sizes 59mm or 62mm
Titan hardness 89A Purple, 92A Blue
95A Red, 98A Green

Sold in pack of 4
Sure Grip Zoom Wheels
The Zoom Roller Skate Speed Wheels by Sure Grip
is a great wheels for every day indoor skating
size : 62mm x 42mm x 95A
Choice of 8 colors
The Sure Grip Zoom is and Indoor rink wheels
Price in Pack/8
Sure Grip Twister Wheels
The Sure Grip Twister is a Roller Skate
Speed Wheels
The Twister wheels come with a nylon Hub
Size 62mm x 42mm x 96A
The Twister wheels is perfect for your rink session
The Sure Grip Twister offer you the choices of 7 colors
Priced in pack of 8
suregrip fugitive 62mm rollerskate wheel suregrip zombie 62mm and 58mm rollerskate wheels suregrip Monza 62mm quad wheels
Sure Grip Fugitive
Our Price: $69.00
Fugitive Roller Skate wheels From Sure Grip
The Sure Grip Fugitive wheels is a very popular
wheels in the Roller derby community
The Fugitive wheels has a good grip and superior roll
It features a light nylon hub.
Fugitive wheels size: 62mmx44mm
grey (89A), orange (89A),
black (92A), blue (92A), pink (92A), red (92A),
green (96A)
Sold in pack of 8 wheels
Sure-Grip Zombie Roller Skate Wheels
Made in the USA with Aluminum hub
The Zombie are build to perform.
62MMx42MM, 62MMx38MM
Derby/Jam/ Speed
Sure-Grip Monza Roller Skate Wheels
The sure grip Monza is the newest
roller skate wheels for Indoor
The Monza featured an Aluminum hub
93A Purple
95A Grey or Red
98A Teal
Will be a good recommendation to use spacer
with those wheels to take full advantage and better
Great for:
Jam/ Speed / Derby
Sold in pack/8