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Torch Sports Nutrition

A complete workout supplement system, Torch formulas help optimize workouts, promote muscle growth and aid in muscle recovery.

When you hear about the advanced techniques, equipment, diets and metrics used by world-class athletes, it's easy to assume that today's casual, recreational athletes bear little resemblance to their professional counterparts. But such thinking is misguided. Modern weekend-warriors have access to all sorts of affordable tools, including advanced dietary supplements that help extract the greatest benefit from their workouts.

While the actual period of physical exercise forms the central part of any workout, the human body can use the time before and after to maximize the results of the exertion itself.

By "loading up" on the vitamins, minerals and amino acids found in Torch Pre-Burn in preparation for physical exercise, the body can reach its optimal level of performance: the heart can reach its target rate, the muscles can be optimally exerted, etc.

Immediately after exercise, the body begins replenishing the nutrients it lost, a process that can be accelerated by drinking Torch After-Burn. By speeding nutrients to tired muscles, Torch After-Burn helps the body recover more quickly and reduces the stiffness associated with strenuous workouts.

Why is Torch the Best?

  • Our manufacturing partner is a leader in development and production of scientifically validated dietary supplements and nutraceuticals
  • They not only produce our products but they also produce products for professional sports teams and athletes.
  • Flavor technology is unparalleled in the industry.
  • It is more than just protein, it also contains vitamins, minerals, free form amino acids, and branch chain amino acids to optimize protein synthesis and muscular recovery at therapeutic doses based on clinical science.
  • These formulas give an athlete everything they need to optimize peak performance with quality ingredients not just any type of protein or amino acids.
  • The Pre-Burn and After-Burn work synergistically to allow the body to maximize it’s workout, produce more lean body mass, and help the body recover.
  • It is very cost effective – the average quality protein and mineral sports Nutrition formula ranges from between $5.00 and $8.00 per drink.
  • The average quality Sports Nutrition Recovery Formula ranges between $8.00 and $13.00 per drink.
  • The Torch line is competitive price wise either matching or beating the industry averages by $2.00 to $4.00 per drink.