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The Seba Freeride skates with the FR are the # 1 skate choice worldwide.
The Seba is introducing a large selection of FR skates from the FRX, FR1, FR2, FR3 as well as the Deluxe version and the Three wheelers.
The FR skate are very well made, strong and long lasting, they will give you the perfect control , a great ride in a confortable liner.
Enjoy the ride and skate safe

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Seba FR Women Street skates Pink Seba E3 80 black skate FR FRX 80 Street skates freestyle
Seba E3 80 Freestyle Skate
Our Price: $169.99
FR FRX 80 Freestyle Skate
Our Price: $199.99
Seba FR Women Skates 2017 PINK
The Seba FR Women is specifically
designed for women with perfect fit .
a narrower power strap
pre mounted brake and also featuring
the new X2R Rockerable frame 243mm
Safety Lock Top Buckle
FR Liner Women
Street Kings wheels 80mm/85A PINK
Abec 7 bearings
Best for: Freeride & City Skating

Sold out

Seba E3 80 Black Skates
The Seba E3 80 skate is an entry level
for beginner skaters getting in the freestyle
E3 Frame 243mm
Shell Composite
Seba Street wheels 80mm/85A
Abec 5 bearings
FR FRX 80 Skates
The New FR FRX 80 alias Seba as been
The new FR FRX 8 has never been better
The FR FRX 80 featured
New FR Liner with enhanced fit
Frame X2R Rockarable Black Aluminum
Wheels New Street King 80mm x 85A
Bearings Abec 7 Twincam
Insole Standard
Best for: Freeride, Freestyle & City Skating

FR FR3 80 Freestyle Street skate Seba FRA 80 Aggressive Street skates Seba SX2 freestyle skates
FR FR3 80 Freestyle Skate
Our Price: $229.99
Seba SX2 Freestyle Skate
Our Price: $379.99
FR FR3 80 Skates
The FR FR3 80 Skates alias Seba FR3 is
the newest freeride skate from the FR line
Double Strap with top Buckle
New FR Liner
Frame New X2R Rockerable Black Aluminum
Metal plate for frame position
Wheels Street Kings 80mm/85A
Bearings Twincam Abec 7
Standard Insole
Best for : Freeride & City Skating
Seba FRA 80 Skates
The Seba FRA Skates is an upgraded
version of the FR Deluxe skate with a
touch of Aggressive skate
A soulplate and grind plates have been added.
Seba Power Strap + FK Aluminum top Buckle
Balance Liner
Insole Seba Orthomove
Deluxe Frame243mm
Street Invader wheels 80mm/84A
Twincam MW9 bearings
Best for : Freeride, Aggressive
Seba SX2 Skates
The Seba SX2 Skates has a new
High density shell for durability.
The SX2 Seba Skate Features:
High Density Shell

Liner Integrated with Extra Foam
much lighter and comfortable
Can be customized with CJ an SX custom kits
(Color Soul plates, frame, cuffs laces and straps)

Seba Double Strap
Top Power Strap
Heel shock absorber U
FS Aluminum Deluxe frame 4x80mm

Street Invader wheels 80mm/84A
Twincam MW9 bearings

Use for Freeride, Slalom, freestyle, city skating and Fitness