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The Seba Aggressive Skates have been designed to give you all the support, control and quality share in all other Seba Skates.
It will be a new experience for all aggressive skaters.

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Seba FRA 80 Aggressive Street skates Seba CJ Wellsmore Grey Street Skate
Seba FRA 80 Skates
The Seba FRA Skates is an upgraded
version of the FR Deluxe skate with a
touch of Aggressive skate
A soulplate and grind plates have been added.
Seba Power Strap + FK Aluminum top Buckle
Balance Liner
Insole Seba Orthomove
Deluxe Frame243mm
Street Invader wheels 80mm/84A
Twincam MW9 bearings
Best for : Freeride, Aggressive
Seba CJ Wellsmore Grey Street Skates
The Seba CJ Wellsmore Skate is the first
Seba Aggressive skate.
CJ became World No1 in 2013 on the same skate.
A Combination of High Technology and Comfort.
The New CJ Wellsmore 2015 Version has 2 major change
A new Inner Liner without stitching to prevent ripping
Changeable Abrasive Pad to prevent abrasion on the side
The New Seba CJ Wellsmore features:
Carbon Shell and Fiber Glass.
New Integrated Liner
Seba Street UFS Frame
60mm/88A Grey wheels
Twincam MW9 bearings
Use: For Street and Aggressive skating