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Protech Dent and Sisu Mouth Guard are the same product from the same manufacturer. They just changed the product name in July 2012

SISU Mouth Guard is the best dental protection of today's sports!


According to the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation there are on average 1 million dental injuries related to sporting activities in the US annually.

American Dental Association (ADA) calculates the lifetime cost of an injured tooth to $15-20,000 including all visits and procedures. If that cost is spread over 40 years, the annual cost is about $500/injuried tooth. Consequently, the total annual cost for dental injuries in the USA is $500M, quite an astonishing figure!

A study of 2,000 Swedish hockey players showed that 35% of them had dental injuries, despite wearing mandatory mouth guards. Conventional soft mouth guards are simply not tough enough and in addition they are too uncomfortable and inhibiting the game. And now, at a very affordable price, you will get much better protection that custom fits to your teeth in minutes.


What makes SISU so much better?

SISU is a novel ultra thin and tough mouth guard that is up to 50% stronger than conventional mouth guards and allows users to breathe, talk and drink. It's the perfect mouth guard for high impact sports, team sports and high performance sports where you need to be able to be at your very best, all the time.

Our competitors claim that they not only provide dental protection but also protects against concussions. Whether we debate this or not, SISU beats its competitors in 4 important material characteristics:

·                     30-50% lower transfer of impact forces to the teeth

·                     90-140% better absorption of impact forces

·                     8 times higher tensile strength (toughness)

·                     30 times less deformation of the material upon impact


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