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The MOTA Skates Company is 100% owned and operated By Skaters for Skaters.
Sole owners, Doug & Julie Glass (the Founders of formerly owned brands: Atom Wheels, Luigino Boots & Bionic bearings/accessories) are Backed by more than 30 years of outstanding roller skating experience, innovation, quality and sporting successes.

Mota Skates Vision

Be a leader in roller-skate components of high-level / top-end products for inline and quad applications. Be a distinctive brand that transmits performance first and foremost.

Mota Skates Mission

Produce articles having high technology, innovation and design content with long-lasting quality. Provide customers with quality service. Support the brand with differentiated image activity in line with our visions. Transmit a clear direction, share goals and information, promote assumption of responsibility and support the growth of roller sports.