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The technical innovations applied on all the Edea boots offer significant advantages: ultra-light (the lightest boots in the world), moldable (heat allow them to adapt and customize their shape), thin sole  for better control and performances, waterproof sole to keep your feet dry and protect the screws, total ventilation to keep cool and dry feet and avoid allergies, also an anatomic structure for a special comfort, let not forget the strong hooks to hold feet firm and safe, and short adaptation period.

All Edea boots are Italian made: Comfort and Beauty and Italian Art.

The newest collection of Roller boots EDEA, combines the high level of technology employed in the structure of the boot with a decidedly strong, modern design, complemented by the usual lightness and maneuverability for which Edea is well-known.

The Roller Edea offer a different collections for the various types of figure skating and a full range of accessories to complete each line.

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Edea Motivo Ice artistic skate boot Edea Wave artistic skate boot Edea Preludio artistic skate boot
EDEA Motivo Ice Artistic Skate Boot
Perfect for Beginning Amateur level as well as
serious beginners and adult skater looking for stiffer boot
Construction 38
Best for : Beginning Level for Figure &Freestyle

EDEA Wave Artistic Roller Skate Boot
The Wave has been designed for serious beginner
Roller skater with a test of illusion and beauty.
The Wave has a great support and will give you
all the control you need to perform in freestyle

Construction: Mid Soft (40)
Best for: Freestyle, Dance, and Figure
EDEA Preludio Artistic Roller Skate Boot
The Preludio is a Classic model for Freetyle
competitive level. and Single Jump
Construction : Soft (35)
Best for: Freestyle
Good for: Dance
Ok for: Figure
(The preludio is discontinued and repalce
with the
Rondo )
Edea Rondo artistic skate boot Edea Eco artistic skate boot Edea Ritmo (Rhythm) artistic skate boot
EDA Rondo Artistic Roller Skate Boot
The Rondo is a Classic model which
replace the (Preludio).
Construction: Soft (35)
Perfect from beginner to competition
Best for: Freestyle
Good for: Dance
Ok for: Figure

EDEA Eco Artistic Roller Skate Boot
The Eco boots has been designed for Figure
skating, perfect boot for Loops and Circles
Construction: Soft (50)
Best for: Figure & Rhythm

The Eco is Discontinued only few sizes available

EDEA Ritmo Artistic Roller Skate Boot
The Edea Ritmo boot is a step up from Rondò and is for serious skaters who are looking to include double jumps in their routines.
If you’ve entering competitions regularly this boot can help you step on the podium.
EDEA has combined lightweight design and the latest technology to produce this high performing boot with the same passion that EDEA has become famous for.
Great for Double Jumps
Construction: Mid Soft (40)
Best for: Freestyle & Dance
Good for: Figure
Edea Classica artistic skate boot Edea Suono artistic skate boot Edea Flamenco artistic skate boot
EDEA Classica Artistic Roller Skate Boot
The Classica boot has been designed for high end performance dance and solo dance roller skating.
EDEA has used all their experience and knowledge to
produce a boot that combines modern technology with the traditional look.
Perfect for Beginner level & Senior Dancing
Construction: Ultra Soft (30)
Best for : Dance & Rhythm
Good for: Freestyle
EDEA Suono Artistic Roller Skate Boot
For figure roller skaters EDEA has added the Suono to the
line which is specifically designed for Figure Circles.
EDEA designers have added even more support then the Eco to give the skater the control and finesse required for this disciplines.
Even the 15 Swarovski crystals are designed to give your skate that final sparkle, beauty and performance.
Circles & Loops
Construction : Rigid (70)
Best for: Figure & Rhythm
EDEA Flamenco Artistic Roller Skate Boot
The Flamenco has been designed to show grace and elegance.
By using Edea’s experience and combined with modern technology.
The Flamenco has an extra support and low cut in this boot gives the extra flexibility and maneuverability that skater will need during dancing performance.
Dance and Solo Dance performers.
Construction: Mid Soft (40)
Best for: Dance
Edea Fly artistic skate boot Edea Jazz artistic skate boot
EDEA Fly Artistic Roller Skate Boot
The Best boot in the World for Artistic
The Edea Fly is the lightest skating boot available
and represents a huge turning point in skating and
skating technology.
The Fly from Edea is an ultra modern design for skaters who like winning.
The flexibility of the boot add grace and elegance to every moves.
Perfect for Double, Triple & Quad Jumps
Construction: Stiff (50)
Best for : Freestyle & Rhythm

EDEA Jazz Artistic Roller Skate Boot
The Newest Edea boots for Artistic skating
The Edea Jazz is a revolutionary design combining
increased support and an ergonomic heel lock to
give the skaters the performance they deserve.
Perfect for Double, Triple & Quad Jumps
Construction: Stiff (90)
Ladies White 225 to 280
Mens black 225 to 310
Best for : Freestyle, Rhythm & Figure

Discontinued Item
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